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Welcome to Privacy 4 Therapists.

The information standard putting privacy first for individuals and clients with £1000 free software upon sign up

It has never been more important to protect all the Data you create, store and share.  Accidental and deliberate loss of this information can be severely damaging to your reputation and your Practice, so we need to do more to protect ourselves. But where do you start?

Start with the end in mind.

You want to be secure, so you need to start with that desire.  Here are a few helpful tips to protect yourself.

1.Identify who is responsible for Cyber security and Data Protection

2.Write out a Security Policy which states your commitment to Cyber Security

3.Make a list of the kind of ‘Data’ you own (Financial; Name, Address, Bank Account)

You need some tools

Privacy4 are proud to support the ‘Global Cyber Alliance’, which aims to improve Cyber security across the globe, starting with small enterprises like yours.

The GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit is an online resource that includes a wealth of free and effective tools businesses can start using right now, today, to make an immediate impact on reducing cyber risk.

Use the GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit to assess your security posture, implement free tools, and find practical tips and free resources and guides that will help improve your company’s cybersecurity readiness and response.

What does it cost?

These tools are completely free, but worth over £1,000.  Throughout the standard, Privacy4 utilise these tools and help you understand how to use them.

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Helping you to gain the skills and knowledge to become data protection aware and compliant


Your commitment to
Protecting Personal Information

Data Security and Privacy are becoming more and more important each day, as new methods of sharing personal information become available.




The Data Privacy Standard

A data privacy standard has been developed to help individuals in therapy based professions to achieve and demonstrate that they understand the full implications of data privacy when it comes to theirs and the personal data of their clients.

Providing detailed guidance on what is considered best practice in relation to the protection of data

The Privacy4 standard has been specifically designed to provide detailed guidance on what is considered best practice in relation to the protection of personal data.

Developed with the help of  Industry Experts

The Privacy4 standard has been developed with the help of industry experts to provide clear and unambiguous instructions on what should be followed in order to provide privacy for key industry sectors.

The Privacy4 Standard has been designed to deliver the most important aspects of protecting data, so that you can quickly integrate these practices within your business.

Certification Programme

When you join the certification programme and choose to demonstrate that you follow the Privacy4 Standard, you can use the standard to assess your ability to demonstrate that you are following best practice when dealing with personal data.

It is the intention of Privacy4 to continually update and measure this standard to ensure it is maintained in line with current risks and vulnerabilities that our digital world presents.




All data is valuable to someone, and therefore it must be protected

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Why Privacy4 is more than GDPR

Who is Privacy4 and why does it exist?

Privacy 4 Ltd is a company that was put together after many teaching days around data protection, whereby Cath Knibbs (Director and CEO) recognised the need for certain professions to become more aware and competent in this area. Specifically Therapists who are still, to date mostly confused about issues such as privacy notices and consent.

Many questions were raised and repeated along the way that highlighted how confusing many people found data protection and digital technology in these professions. 

The project was conceived and a number of high level professionals in the sectors of cyber security, data protection, GDPR, ethical hacking, risk management and website design and maintenance were consulted whilst the standard was created and demystified for the professions that use therapist, counsellor, psychotherapist, psychologist and other listening role titles to describe their work.


Our Mission & Values

The intention of the Privacy4 was to develop a standard which could provide clear and unambiguous instructions on what should be followed in order to provide data privacy for key industry sectors.

The world in which we live is becoming increasingly digitised, and the reliance on data has never been greater. ​Indeed, we are all actively encouraged to provide more data about ourselves than ever before.

We need to be mindful about the data we are sharing, both in our personal and our professional lives because all data is valuable.


All data is valuable to someone, and therefore it must be protected


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